The Buyer agrees to accept the goods and pay for them according to the terms further set out below.


Goods are deemed received by the Buyer upon delivery to the Buyer’s address as set forth above.


The Buyer has the right to examine the goods and the installation and has 5 days in which to notify seller of any claim for damages based

on the condition, grade, quality or quality of the goods or installation. Such notice must specify in detail the particulars of the

claim. Failure to provide such notice within the requisite time period constitutes irrevocable acceptanceof the goods.



Warranty 售后保修

Until received by the Buyer, all risk of loss to the above-described goods is borne by the Seller.


The Seller warrants that the goods are free from any and all security interests, liens, and encumbrances. A warranty is held for 1 year,

so long as the unit has not been damaged nor opened up by the buyer.


Maintenance 售后保养

The Amano water purifier requires yearly maintenance: 800RMB

The Lunula Spa shower filter requires yearly maintenance: 350RMB

Water United will remind the buyer when the filters need to be changed and will make an appointment in a timely manner, 11 months after


纯水机需要每年保养一次:800 RMB

沐浴过滤器需要每年保养一次:保养费用:350 RMB

Water United 会在滤芯需要更换时通知买方,并于安装后 第11个月及时预约上门保养时间。