• What's in the water? 
  • Why do you need a purifier?
  • How does a purifier work? 
  • 想知道自来水里有什么杂质吗?
  • 想知道为什么您需要滤水器吗?
  • 想知道滤水器是如何工作的吗?
  • 让我们做个测试让您一目了然吧!





  • Order online OR contact us
  • Professional installation
  • Customized to your kitchen
  • 作为我们提供的服务之一,我们的 工人会负责纯水机的整个安装过程 以及其他处理系统。
  • 发现更多关于 我们的服务&售后保养计划。





  • Healthy tap water all year long
  • Change of filters 1x / year
  • After sales care programme
  • 享受直接从水龙头里出来的纯净& 健康的直饮水。
  • 除了直接饮用,烹 饪变得从未有过的便捷。 





    我们精心挑选的系统有50多年行业领先技术提供 支持,并在处理最困难和最常见的家用与商用水质问题方面拥有丰富经验。



Water United is the expert in safe and healthy water for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home and working environment. Whether you want to make sure the quality and taste of your drinking water meets the highest health standards or you want your family to shower in clean and chlorine free water, you can count on Water United to offer a customized water treatment solution.


Our carefully selected systems are backed by over 50 years of industry-leading technology and experience solving the toughest and most common water issues in any residential or commercial space. 

Water United 2017
Water United 2017









Our experienced service team offers home consults (FOR FREE) customized to your needs.


Each water purification system is installed with care. To sustain the purifier's long lifetime, we assist in the yearly maintenance, replacing the cartridges & carrying out system updates. 


Water United is dedicated to offer you refreshing peace of mind: our products are 100% trustworthy and we are there to make sure they do the job 100% every day. 




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